About Globachem


Globachem is an international, family-owned agrochemical company. We are specialized in developing, registering and marketing high quality crop protection products for agriculture and horticulture.

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Globachem was established by Koen and Els Quaghebeur-Paesmans in Sint-Truiden (Belgium) in the year 2000. Initially Globachem’s main focus was on submitting registrations of generic agrochemicals for fruit and arable crops. Over the years Globachem invested more and more in product development to enable us to introduce new products and/or applications into the market.

A crop protection product can only be sold when officially registered. To this end we submit a registration file at the relevant ministry of each targeted country containing the extensive results of tests conducted by accredited labs and research institutes.

For product formulation, packaging and labelling we collaborate with professional European partners and their state-of-the-art equipment with Globachem to coordinate and monitor all stages. Finished products are delivered directly to our customers or stored in our warehouse and subsequently distributed.

From the very beginning Globachem was geared towards the international market. We sell our products to major national distributors who subsequently market and distribute these products  to the grower through their own local comprehensive network.

To support these activities, we have a worldwide network of manufacturers, formulators, labs, consultants, research stations, suppliers and clients.

Besides crop protection products we also develop, manufacture and distribute seed treatment products such as powders, binders and colorants. Globachem does not carry out contract pelleting, but provides its clients with the knowledge and raw materials that enable them to treat their own seeds. When a client wants to implement one of our new technologies we always support the scaling-up process to industrial scale.

We are thorough in everything we do, trustworthy in all our relations, flexible towards our customers and our employees are dedicated and passionate about what they do. We strongly believe that this is the secret to our success.

Of course Globachem has all the necessary certificates to do business in crop protection products (AC21-PR147AC46-PR147, AC97-PR147, AC37-PR147, AC37-PR147).

Mission and vision

Globachem helps farmers in keeping their crop healthy and in optimizing their production. We do so by developing, registering and internationally marketing a wide range of existing and innovative crop protection products. As a result, Globachem, as an agile and dynamic family owned business, contributes to the production of sufficient safe food for the growing world population, at all times aiming for the smallest ecological footprint.

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Our goal is to be an established and innovative partner in the agrochemical market. It is vital to invest in product research and development, as innovation is key for our company to grow on an international scale, inside and outside Europe.

We also aim for innovation in logistics and supply chain. Further optimization of our agility in stock and supply enables us to respond even better to the fluctuating product demand, inherent to the agrochemical industry (changing weather conditions, pressure of diseases and plagues, …).  

We focus especially on acquiring registrations. This is our core business. New registrations, combined with excellent product development and supported by all necessary studies and trial results, are the engine to our growth. In view of the high costs of registering agrochemicals, it is essential to keep an international focus.

Globachem's seed technology department delivers high-quality raw materials (powders, binders, colorants, etc.) that enable the client to create desirable added value for his seeds.

Our main priority is the final quality of the seeds. Therefore we always carry out standardized germination trials when testing new products to monitor seed germination capacity and seedling development. We are a reliable partner for a large number of seed and breeding companies with very diverse profiles.

Our values

At Globachem we are ‘Framily’: so not only colleagues, but friends and family too. That is why, along with our staff, we have drawn up a number of core values for the Globachem framily. We set to work on these during workshops. The result? You will experience that every day in our team.

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Globachem strongly invests in the in-house development of innovative products, always looking for the plant protection products of the future. Globachem Discovery, the UK based division, develops new molecules and chemistry in an efficient and agile way. Our specialized researchers and infrastructure in Belgium allow us to quickly screen these and other molecules and turn them into high quality products.

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Globachem conducts research in its own labs, greenhouse and trial fields as a swift and agile response to new developments. To this end Globachem R&D also teams up with several universities, research institutes and companies using state-of-the-art techniques to co-develop research results with a high potential into innovative agrochemicals. At all times we are open to new ideas and potential collaboration with other external partners.

Globachem R&D is often inspired by nature, e.g. through the use of plant extracts, secondary metabolites or micro-organisms in agrochemicals. We are also working on products to reduce plant stress allowing crops to make optimum use of their productive potential.

We strongly encourage out-of-the-box thinking and go for disruptive innovations in agriculture. That is why R&D in our company stands for Risk & Disruption.

We also pioneer with existing active ingredients to develop value-added products for growers. This mainly concerns:

  • new combinations of active substances
  • label extensions to other crops, diseases or application timing
  • more effective and user-friendly formulations
  • lowering the application rate

Innovation is key to Globachem’s continuous growth on an international scale.


Agrochemicals are amongst the most regulated products in the world. Before we are allowed to market an agrochemical, the product must be authorized at national level by means of an official registration. Obtaining such a registration is therefore key to the company’s success.

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Only agrochemicals of the highest quality and the smallest risk for human health and the environment have a real market potential. Our experts work closely with R&D for a thorough assessment of the active substances and formulations to be developed with strong emphasis on safety and innovation.

Our registration department is responsible for building, writing and following up the registration dossiers inside and outside Europe.

Dossier building and writing is done in-house. The required studies are identified for each country and subsequently carried out by GLP certified labs (Good Laboratory Practices) in compliance with international protocols. They contain the physicochemical, analytical, metabolic, toxicological and ecotoxicological properties of the active substances and formulated products. The outcome of these studies is subsequently processed into a risk analysis to prove that the product is user safe and holds no risk to the consumer or to the environment. Extensive field trials are conducted by GEP certified institutes (Good Experimental Practice) to substantiate product efficacy.

The mandatory use of GLP labs and GEP institutes inscribed in the registration’s protocol ensures independence from the client and guarantees accurate research in accordance with the relevant guidelines.

A specialized team ensures the correct submission and follow-up of the registration dossiers with the relevant public authorities inside and outside Europe. Subsequently they also ensure that our product labels fully comply with the authorized use and risk mitigation measures of the registration certificate.

Supply Chain

Globachem’s supply chain is reliable and agile to allow us to quickly respond to our customers’ changing needs. With this in mind we utilize a worldwide network of raw material suppliers, formulators and logistics service providers, monitoring all crucial steps in the process ourselves: sourcing and importing raw materials, developing formulations, production, quality control and labelling.

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Product storage and distribution is ensured by our own state-of-the-art warehouse in Sint-Truiden with a 14,000 pallet storage capacity. Various labelling lines allow for a high degree of differentiation.

Multimodal transport, integrating transport by road and inland navigation, is often used for effectively transporting raw materials. Whenever possible goods are also delivered directly from the formulator to the customer. Thus we strive for a sustainable logistics chain and a reduced ecological footprint.