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19 g/L gibberellin A4/A7 *19 g/L 6-benzyladenine


19 g/L gibberellin A4/A7 *19 g/L 6-benzyladenine

Growth regulator for improved skin finish and fruit size in apples, fruit set in pears and lateral branching in fruit tree nurseries.

Key Strengths

  • Effective russet control in apples by conditioning the fruit skin, making it more elastic and able to withstand extremes in temperature, moisture and relative humidity
  • Improved fruit set in pears by stimulating the development of parthenocarpic fruit after adverse weather conditions and in poor setting varieties
  • In fruit tree nurseries, Gibbalin increases the number of branches per tree to optimize early production, reduces blind wood and increases fruit bearing surface area, producing feathered trees for high density planting systems

Other brand names

Agrimix Pro, Aramis Plus, Plis, Prorex

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