Crop protection


50 g/L L-tryptophan


SL - soluble concentrate

Foliar fertilizer against cracking of cherries and to improve fruit size and quality in cherries, pears and table grapes.

Key Strengths

  • Reduces cracking of cherries. Increases the elasticity of the fruit skin, making it more resistant to cracking through osmosis (humidity) as well as throug root pressure. Besides Platina also promotes cherry fruit size, colouring and sugar content.
  • Improves fruit size in pears through 1 single application. Perfectly combinable with a Globaryll 100 thinning treatment for extra size effect.
  • Promotes fruit size in table grapes. Besides Platina treatment also provides a longer and more attractive fruit shape, better colouring and better berry attachment to the bunch.

Other brand name


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