Crop protection


10 % gibberellic acid A3


ST - water soluble tablets

Growth regulator to promote fruit set in pears, to lengthen the rachis in wine grapes and to improve fruit size in cherry. Besides, GIBB 3 is used in various crops to improve crop quality and yield.

Key Strengths

  • Improved fruit set in pears, especially immediately after late night frost, in poor weather conditions during blossoming and in young orchards
  • Lengthened rachis and loosened clusters in wine grapes, strongly reducing botrytis and vinegar rot and improving wine quality
  • Improved fruit size and firmness in cherries, while harvest is delayed *Used in many other crops to improve crop quality and value

Other brand names

Gibbrex, Gibberellin A3

For country-specific information about the registration and the label of this product, we refer to the database with registered plant protection products of your country.