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  • 25 g/L difenoconazole
  • 25 g/L fludioxonil


FS - suspension concentrate for seed treatment

Red coloured seed treatment product for use in cereals, effective in controlling various Fusarium and Tilletia species.

Key Strenghts

  • Broad spectrum of control against seed borne and soil borne diseases
  • Unique association of 2 complementary molecules. Fludioxonil penetrates the seed and grows with the coleoptile, thus providing protection against seed as well as soil borne diseases. Difenoconazole is taken up systemically at the beginning of germination, reinforcing the protection of the coleoptile
  • Excellent efficacy against Fusarium spp., Tilletia caries and Michrodochium nivale, good efficacy against i.a. Septoria nodorum
  • Difenoconazole is the only registered active ingredient ensuring sufficient control Tilletia controversa
  • Easy and even application, giving uniform coloring and significant dust reduction
  • Can be mixed with other seed treatment products
  • Excellent selectivity

Für länderspezifische Informationen zur Zulassung und zum Etikett dieses Produkts verweisen wir auf die Datenbank der in Ihrem Land zugelassenen Pflanzenschutzmittel.