Protection des plantes


25 g/L fludioxonil


FS - suspension concentrate for seed treatment

Red coloured seed treatment product for use in cereals, offering the best available control of Fusarium spp. and Microdochium nivale, resulting in better crop establishment and overwintering and building the foundation for yield and quality.

Key Strenghts

  • Broad-spectrum control of seed borne as well as soil borne fungal diseases
  • Fludioxonil penetrates the seed surface and concentrates around the seed, thus providing a long-lasting protection zone around the young seedling
  • Excellent efficacy against Fusarium spp. and Microdochium nivale, good efficacy against i.a. Septoria nodorum, Tilletia caries and Rhizoctonia spp.
  • Easy and even application, giving uniform coloring and significant dust reduction
  • Can be mixed with other seed treatment products
  • Excellent selectivity

Pour des informations spécifiques à chaque pays concernant l'homologation et l'étiquette de ce produit, nous référons au catalogue des produits phytopharmaceutiques autorisés dans votre pays.