Protection des plantes


850 g/kg potassium hydrogen carbonate


SP - water soluble powder

Unique insecticide against pear psylla with triple mode of action. The positive environmental profile makes it very well suited for integrated and organic pear production.

Key Strengths

  • Effective at different pear psylla stages: less egg deposition, kills the young larvae and reduces honeydew and sooty mould
  • Excellent solution to avert black pears
  • Good complement to the pear psylla strategy during the summer months and after harvest
  • Safe for beneficial insects and arachnids
  • No MRL, no PHI: can be used in the period prior to harvest
  • Registered for organic farming in several countries

Pour des informations spécifiques à chaque pays concernant l'homologation et l'étiquette de ce produit, nous référons au catalogue des produits phytopharmaceutiques autorisés dans votre pays.